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Looking for something fun & different to do for your Hen's Party or Baby Shower? 

A flower crown workshop is the perfect, unique activity, for all the boho babes out there! Each workshop takes 1-2 hours, and I will provide everything needed to create your dream crown, as well leading each babe step by step through the process. It is a fabulous way for all the chicky babes (or fellas!) to look and feel glam, and have a custom made headpiece to wear for the entire day! And the icing on the cake? I'll even take your all important group shots for you at the end! #soimportant


How Does It Work?

I come to your chosen party location, anywhere within the Northern Beaches (or further if needed, travel fee would apply), and I will set up the entire workshop with everything you need including:

  • Rustic buckets of fresh seasonal flowers in your chosen colours
  • All the professional tools including crown base, wire, florist tape & florist scissors 

No experience is necessary, it's just about giving it a go and having fun. The best part is seeing the different crowns you all make, and getting to wear them for the entire day... hello custom made headpiece


What's The Cost?

The workshop price starts at $50 per person (all inclusive). For larger groups this may vary so please contact me today for a personalised quote.

How Do You Book?

 Simply fill out the contact form below with as much info on your day as you can supply, such as location, amount of gals you are expecting and I can give you a personalized quote. If you don't know all this info yet, that's ok, a rough guess is fine.

What Do You Need To Supply & How Long Does It Take?

You will need to supply table(s) & seating for your chosen amount of babes. It can simply be an outdoor table, dining table, anything really!

How Long Does It Take?

Each workshop takes 1-2 Hours. If your group is a little larger, I can divide you into groups for a more personal service.

At the end I will then get a happy snap of your group on as many phones as you want for you all to keep (& upload!)


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